Dental Laser therapy Frequently Asked Questions

What is Dental Laser therapy?

Dental Laser therapy refers to the practice of using a laser beam to remove, re-shape detached, infected gum tissue or to reduce the depth of pockets that have resulted from attachment loss. It is also used to precisely target and remove dental caries.

Isn’t laser therapy for Cosmetic dental procedures?

Laser therapy is used widely in Cosmetic dentistry. However, its use isn’t limited to cosmetic dentistry.

Is it safe?

Dental lasers have the seal of approval from Food and Drug Administration and American Dental Association. When used as per guidelines they are entirely safe. Before the procedure, you will be provided protective eyewear to safeguard your eyes from the laser. You will need to wear this throughout the process.

Dental Laser therapy Frequently Asked Questions
Cosmetic Dental Procedures

Is it the safest option?

That depends entirely on your medical needs and requirements. Discuss your treatment options with your periodontist. Usually, it is the safest among available options because it is highly successful, minimally invasive, blood loss is minimum, reduced chances of infection and recovery time is short.

How does it work?

Lasers emit energy that can be harnessed to serve an alternative cutting tool or to vaporize tissue.

Will the treatment be painful?

Compared to traditional treatment methods laser procedures are less painful.

Will it damage the healthy gum tissue?

As the laser is minimally invasive and targets only unhealthy tissue and bacteria all healthy tissue remains unharmed.

How long does the treatment take?

A single therapy session lasts about two hours. Most patients need only one sitting. If your Periodontal disease is in advanced stages or you require additional aesthetic correction, you may need more than one session. Your dental office will inform you in advance about the treatment plan and its duration.

Is it more expensive?

Yes, it is marginally expensive. Lasers have higher success rates, thereby reducing the chances of recurring costs due to multiple treatments. The recovery time is also significantly shorter. So when you look at the bigger picture the benefits outweigh the initial investment. It wouldn’t be too much to say that lasers can help you save money!

Dental Laser therapy Frequently Asked Questions
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Can any dentist perform laser gum therapy?

Not all dentists have the required training to perform the procedure. So make sure you seek detailed information about your periodontist training and certification for performing laser treatment. Institute for Advanced Laser Dentistry(IALD) is the leading independent training and certification organization. You can check on their site if your periodontist is IALD certified. Also, ask for training certification from the Laser manufacturer. Make your decision based on the extent of training and experience of your periodontist. Do not proceed with the treatment unless you are convinced about the training and experience of your periodontist and have seen all necessary certification documents. A qualified and skilled dental professional will not hesitate to share any of that with you.

I’m on medication, does that impact my candidature for laser gum therapy?

Lasers have no known contraindications with any medication or medical condition. If you are no longer a candidate for conventional periodontal treatment because of contradictions don’t lose hope, laser gum therapy is for you.

Can all dental treatments be performed using laser therapy?

It isn’t possible to treat all dental ailments with laser therapy. Nearly all cases of periodontal disease treatment, dental decay treatment, a root canal, etc. can be performed using laser therapy. It can be used to aesthetically shape gums in case of patients with a gummy smile or to perform frenectomy( surgically detaching tongue ties). For a complete understanding of whether your dental ailments can or cannot benefit from laser treatment consult a laser certified dentist.

Does laser therapy require additional post-treatment care?

The post-treatment care is no different from when the Dentist uses a dental drill on your tooth. In fact the recovery time, inflammation or swelling is significantly reduced. Most patients resume eating and drinking on the same day and return to work or school the day after.

Dental Laser therapy Frequently Asked Questions
Dental Treatment

Are there any other benefits of laser therapy?

According to a study published in 2007 laser treated gum pockets showed greater probing depth reductions and clinical attachment gain. So managing pockets with laser treatment results in superior gums reattachment.

Studies have also shown that laser therapy stimulates bone regeneration.

The much sought after laser certified, Manhattan Cosmetic Dentist, Dr. Jaskaren Randhawa says ‘ Laser therapy has marked advantages and long-lasting benefits over conventional treatment plans. Most dentists push patients for traditional treatments without mentioning laser therapy because they are not trained to provide laser therapy, and they don’t want to send the patient to a certified laser practitioner. Thus, denying their patients a better treatment option.”


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