Cardiologists say that they almost never met kapellmeisters among their patients. And that is because kapellmeisters train the musculature of the thoracic spine every day. Therefore, physiologists strongly recommend that all people over the age of 35 should start doing simple exercises that will help support the heart – fill it with oxygen and strengthen the blood vessels.

You need to start these exercises gradually – from 10 approaches on the first day and gradually bringing up to 50 approaches.

  1. Windmill.

Feet shoulder-width apart, hands are pressed to the sides. Slowly start to rotate hands around the body – forward-up-back-down, gradually increasing the tempo.

  1. Dumbbells.

For the beginning, you need to start with the lightest dumbbells – half a kilogram. If there are no such dumbbells, just fill two half-liter bottles with water. Feet shoulder-width apart, hands with bottles are situated along your body. Slowly start lifting dumbbells in front of you, bringing them to the level of the chest and press them to yourself.

  1. Half-Sun.

Hands with bottles are situated along the body. Slowly lift them to the shoulder level. If it’s not hard, you can do the whole sun, moving your hands with bottles over your head.

  1. Push-Ups against the wall.

Of course, it’s better to push-up from the floor or at least a chair, but many older people are so weak that it can harm them. So it is recommended to push-up against the wall. Firmly rest your palms on the wall and start pushing your body hard. It is necessary to pronounce the sound “HA!” on the repulsion as if pushing the air out of the lungs. This exercise even the beginners can do for 15-20 times.

Push-Ups against Wall

  1. Squats.

This exercise is more for the back and hip joints. It is a useful exercise for the overall vascular tone. Therefore, it will be a good final point for the heart.

For beginners, a normal door will be a good help. Grasp the handles on both sides of a door and gently begin to squat – the back should be always straight! The hips at the bottom of the squat should be parallel to the floor; you do not have to squat too deeply. It’s good if you do an exercise in front of the mirror to control the movements.

By the way, the stairway is the rescue!

Standard fast walking is also an excellent simulator for the heart. It’s not for nothing that treadmills are so popular in fitness rooms. But you don’t need to pay money! Just walk quickly through the park. The main thing is to watch your pulse (buy a heart rate monitor, now they are inexpensive) and slow down if the pulse becomes more then a hundred beats per minute.

Also, usual walking on the stairs can help too – start to ignore the elevator. At first, rise slowly to one floor, then two. Just do not rush!

Is woman’s heart stronger?

In women up to 60-65 years, infarcts are very rare. And that is all because the female sex hormone estrogen controls the work of the heart. But after the menopause, women “catch up” with men in the incidence of heart attacks. Therefore, these exercises for women are also necessary.

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